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This is the place for ConCardia sets online. If you have questions or special orders, reach out to us at or 203-707-1245.

Flat Rate Shipping

Shipping is complicated, so we make it simple. Your shipping and handling cost is $4 whether you get 1 deck or 100 decks. So, you might as well get 100 decks. Or at least two or three more.

The more your buy, the more you save by combining orders!

I'm a person in a stock photo, but I'd probably really like ConCardia if played it.

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About Us

Michael Whitehouse,

Founder and Creator

ConCardia is a new kind of game, unlike any other. Instead of buying it in a store, you collect it at an event! At a ConCardia event, players visit the ConCardia table, get the starter set of cards and a rules explanation if needed. They then adventure around the convention, seeking out vendors, performers, and others with cards to give them. Cards could be anywhere!

The cards are built into a deck and used to compete against other players in tournaments at the event. For more information, click on one of the tabs above.

Now, through the store, you have access to awesome preconstructed decks that you can play right out of the package or combine with other decks for greater awesomeness.